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Hi, I'm Carmen, and I'm a hair dresser who works in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. I have been creating beautiful modern, vintage, and retro hairstyles, updos, coiffed, and bouffants for forty+ years. I've always been in the Columbia Heights area, addressing the hair needs of the community.

I received my cosmetology license in 1964, and to this day, I take classes yearly to keep up on the latest trends and hair cutting/processing methods. I enjoy a variety of hairstyling, and this is evident in my salon, as you'll see many varieties of hair and salon equipment from several decades...all still in working order.

I love working with customer's hair as each one has a unique style, from uni-sets to doing makeup, for both genders. I enjoy doing fantasy makeup, avant hairstyles, perms, frosts, colors, up-dos from the 1950's and 1960's, styling wigs - natural hair and synthetics, roller setting, back-combing, pin curls, UniPerms, and waxing.

When I'm doing my customer's hair, I think only of them, the world lies far away outside my salon door. I look forward to fulfilling your hair desire.

Carmen at Diane's Beauty Salon * 848 40th Ave NE * Columbia Heights, MN 55421, USA * (763) 788-9669 * carmenknake@q.com
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